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Runscope Get Account

Account Resource

Runscope Get Buckets

Returns a list of buckets.

Runscope Add Buckets

Create a new bucket

Runscope Delete Buckets Bucketkey

Delete a single bucket resource.

Runscope Get Buckets Bucketkey

Returns a single bucket resource.

Runscope Get Buckets Environments

Returns list of shared environments for a specified bucket.

Runscope Add Buckets Environments

Create new shared environment.

Runscope Put Buckets Environments

Update the details of a shared environment.

Runscope Get Buckets Errors

Retrieve a list of error messages in a bucket

Runscope Delete Buckets Messages

Clear a bucket (remove all messages).

Runscope Get Buckets Messages

Retrieve a list of messages in a bucket

Runscope Get Buckets Messages Message

Retrieve the details for a single message.

Runscope Get Buckets Tests

Returns a list of tests.

Runscope Delete Buckets Tests

Delete a test, including all steps, schedules, test-specific environments and results.

Runscope Get Buckets Tests

Retrieve the details of a given test by ID.

Runscope Put Buckets Tests

Modify a test's name, description, default environment and its steps. To modify other individual properties of a test, make requests to the steps, environments, and schedules subresources of the test.

Runscope Get Buckets Tests Environments

Return details of the test's environments (only those that belong to the specified test)

Runscope Add Buckets Tests Environments

Create new test environment.

Runscope Put Buckets Tests Environments

Update the details of a test environment.

Runscope Get Buckets Tests Metrics

Return details of the test metrics for the specified timeframe.

Runscope Get Buckets Tests Steps

List test steps for a test.

Runscope Delete Buckets Tests Steps

Delete a step from a test.

Runscope Put Buckets Tests Steps

Update the details of a single test step.

Runscope Get Teams Agents

Team agents list

Runscope Get Teams Integrations

Team integrations list

Runscope Get Teams People

Teams Resource

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